Sales Presentations With Love

It was the sixth house Mark and Andrea had looked at in just one day, and they hoped it would be better than the previous five. The house was slightly out of their price range, but the real estate agent had insisted they at least look at it. Pulling into the driveway, they couldn’t help but gaze at the house, perched so peacefully beside the Maumee River and illuminated by orange tint of the sunset. At first they tried to hide their faint smiles from the real estate agent, but as soon as they walked through the front door their stoic resistance melted. Their eyes followed the spread of the natural wood floors, and climbed up the arched passageways towards the detailed, historic ceiling. Through each passageway and opened door, the house revealed its beautiful features and distinct personality. Mark and Andrea couldn’t help but smile at each other. In the living room, they envisioned their children laughing and playing on the soft, beige carpet. In the kitchen, they saw their family making meals together around the large center island. Andrea gasped in sheer delight at the sight of the roomy master bathroom, where she would finally have space to get ready every morning. Mark nodded in proud approval of the spacious garage, where he could store his tools and new fishing gear. With just one walk-through of the house, Mark and Andrea felt they were at home.

The inevitable details of the sale came only after they became emotionally invested into making the house theirs. What was it that captivated Mark and Andrea? It wasn’t the age of the house, price of the house, or even its new roof. It was the pictures they had in their minds as they walked through the house and saw it as their own. It’s hard to find a more emotional purchase than that of buying a house, yet that powerful element can be implemented into any sales presentation, regardless of how ordinary or routine the product may be. When you create an emotional and visual experience in your sales presentations, you completely change how a customer’s decision is made. You make your customers fall in love with your product simply by envisioning themselves using it. If they can see how your product will make them happier, they will want to buy it. The rest of the sale (even the price and contract terms) is just a detail, and as long as the details are in the ballpark of what the customer can do, the sale is made. Before a customer can see themselves using your product, they must have the interest to do so. A unique sales presentation is the best way to spark curiosity and engage customers. Don’t resort to brochures, comparison charts or the dreaded power point presentation. Be bold. Be different.

If you’re not sure how to do this, ask yourself two questions: “What are my competitors doing?” and “What is the customer expecting me to do?” Your sales presentation should not be a part of either answer. Blow them out of the water with something exceptional, and your customers will want to know more. Feed their interest by choosing a sales method that will inspire them visually. Paint a picture that demonstrates how your product leads to success and happiness. Not just anyone’s success and happiness – theirs. If they can see themselves enjoying your product, it will feel right to them. This is what will determine the sale. Getting your customers emotionally involved with your product will change how they make the decision of buying it. The details of the sale will be just details, rather than decisive factors. The strength in the sale will be in the emotional investment the customer makes with the product the very moment they can happily see it as theirs.

How Much Does a Funeral Cost in Philadelphia?

The cost of a funeral can be overwhelming, and many people wonder what the cost breakdown is for different aspects of a funeral service in Philadelphia. While there are no set rules as to how much each service should cost, we can give you an idea of what factors into your total bill.
An average funeral cost breakdown is as follows: the average Philadelphia funeral costs $8,508 dollars, the average price for a burial plot is $1,717 dollars, the average cost of embalming is $357 and the cremation rate rose by close to 40 percent. These are some of the factors that go into funeral costs. Keep in mind that there are many, many more things that factor into this cost and you will get a full quote from us after we meet with you.

Average Funeral Costs:

Memorial Service: $1,286

This price is based on the lowest possible memorial service at a funeral home, not all funeral homes provide a memorial service. If a viewing is required, the price will be higher. This can include an outside reception area, catering for guests, and the rental of a chapel or parlor room.

Hearse: $535

The average hearse rental cost is about $535. An alternative to the hearse is a station wagon or coach with an attached platform for carrying the casket.

Mortuary Fee: $2,640

This price covers the professional service of preparing your loved ones’ remains. It includes dressing and cosmetology services, removal of your loved one from their place of death, general cleaning of the body, disinfection, and preparation of the body for visitation or services. This does not cover funeral home charges for holding your loved one before final disposition.

Basic Service Fee: $1,286

The average cost for basic service fee is $1,286 dollars. It covers the use of facilities and staff to conduct a short service. The other factor in this fee is the transportation of your loved one from the coroner’s office or place of death to the funeral home, as not all funeral homes have their own mortuary staff and equipment.

Casket: $2,500

Caskets may be rented from a local funeral home for a basic service fee, or purchased for around

$2,500. The average cost of a casket is about $2,500 dollars. There are times that funeral homes will provide caskets for free or at reduced charge when they are needed.

Cemetery Costs:

The average price of cemetery plots in the United States is $1,717. This averages to $437 per grave space.

The average cost of a headstone is $1,068 dollars and the total fee for opening and closing a grave is about $1,233 dollars.

Cremation Vs Burial

Different cultures view and interpret death in different ways. For instance, the Norse people, particularly the Vikings, believed that a fallen Viking would feast and dine in Valhalla with Odin or Freyja. Hindus believe that after death, one is reincarnated (begin a new life in another body or physical form).

In Greek mythology, its believed that the souls of the dead traveled to the underground. The dead would be buried with coins to bribe Charon (the ferryman), who would help their souls cross the river that divided the world of the dead and the living.

With all the differences in the death beliefs, one thing that has remained constant is how people bury their loved ones, which is cremation vs burial. So, if you are wondering what is the difference between cremation and burial, then read on as I got you covered through this article.

What is cremation?

It’s believed that the Greeks started cremating their slain soldiers as early as 1000 BCE, who passed on in foreign land to ensure that they were laid to rest in their motherland country and in the presence of their folks. Later they introduced cremation to the Western world.

Cremation services is the process through which a dead body placed in a casket or a rigid cardboard container is respectfully reduced to its essential elements in a cremation chamber or a tort by exposure to open flames and high temperatures of 982.22.

It typically takes 2-3 hours to complete this process. The remains may be placed in an urn (a rounded and tall vase) provided by the family or in a temporary container awaiting further burial rites.

What is burial?

Burial is, also known as inhumation or interment. It is considered to be a rite of passage where the deceased is embalmed, mummified, or left to decompose naturally is placed in a 4feet deep trench (grave) or in a tomb with the body being positioned in varying ways.

The positioning of the body is primarily dependent on the deceased cultural background and beliefs. A ceremony known as a funeral where the family and friends of the deceased eulogize the dead precedes the actual burying ceremony.

What are the main differences?

Both cremations vs burial are forms of respectfully laying the dead to rest. Cremation involves reducing a deceased body into its essential properties, whereas burial involves entombing or placing the deceased in a 4 feet deep grave.

PowerPoint Presentation Service

A PowerPoint presentation service focuses on offering presentation solutions than can help people accomplish their presentation targets. This kind of assistance is very helpful primarily for folks who find making PPT strenuous. This assists them in understanding ways to present successful PowerPoint.

A PowerPoint presentation service is able to meet a variety of PowerPoint needs. Not anyone has the ability to produce a great presentation. A horrible PowerPoint slideshow can be incredibly upsetting. Because of this, it is generally wise to make use of assistance from specialists that may enable persons and organizations to produce good PowerPoint presentations.

The intent of a large percentage of PowerPoint presentations is usually to endorse an idea, service, or manufactured goods. For that reason, it is vital for one to make an effort to optimize the readily accessible tools offered by the program. A PowerPoint service may teach and demonstrate tips on how to create a presentation that could efficiently depict a picture of the individual or corporation. The individuals behind this form of service include experts who possess the ability and skills required to create efficient presentations that will be able to obtain a suitable impact from the audience.

Countless individuals, who make use of PowerPoint services, which includes pupils and enterprise specialists, don’t understand how to make a superb PowerPoint presentation. Most of the time, they appear with related presentations. As a consequence, the audience becomes uninterested and feels that their precious time was merely wasted. Pondering on the effects of a poor presentation is just horrifying. For example, a presenter who doesn’t have sufficient presentation ability could wind up discouraging possible investors, customers, along with other shareholders. A student who does not understand how to utilize PowerPoint really well could receive a failing grade. Educators who do not to know the innovative resources offered in Microsoft will possibly have learners who cannot concentrate for the duration of poor presentations. Subsequently, the pupils will not comprehend the lesson being taught. So as to steer clear of this kind of concerns, it is extremely important to find the aid of a PowerPoint presentation service.

A PPT service understands the best way to individualize presentations based on the presenters’ particular requirements. The presenters are certain to generate the type of reaction and influence that they desire. A good PowerPoint presentation is effective in communicating critical details, at the same time, in keeping the audience’ interest. PowerPoint only becomes an incredibly influential tool for creating presentations once used the right way.