How to Hire the Best Short Sale Negotiator!

Did you just take a new short sale listing and don’t want to handle all of the calls to the banks and tedious paperwork? OR maybe you just don’t have the time! It’s time to experience the benefits of an experienced and successful short sale negotiation team!

Short sales can be time-consuming, frustrating and difficult. However, they will continue to be a big part of the real estate market over the next few years so you can’t avoid them. To help expedite the process, listing agents are using the services of negotiators.

A great short sale negotiator will allow you to concentrate on the more traditional role of an agent, which is marketing and selling properties. This leaves the problematic and time-consuming tasks of preparing complete packages to the negotiator. Experienced negotiators are also effective at getting lenders to approve the sale in an expedited fashion.

Making the decision to hire a negotiator is easy. Finding the best one will even be easier after reading this article!

You need to be careful in selecting the right person for your team! The Department of Real Estate also advises against the problematic conduct of certain short sale negotiators. There is a legal and proper way a negotiator should conduct business.

Below are the items your negotiator should abide by!

1. Licensing- the negotiator should be a licensed real estate broker or a licensed salesperson who is working under a broker. According to the California Association of Realtors – “An indication that a SSN is not properly licensed is when the short sale negotiation entity is an LLC. In California, an LLC cannot get a real estate broker’s license and therefore, should not be doing short sale negotiation.”

2. Payment of fees – most negotiators cannot be paid upfront due to the DRE’s advance fee requirements. According to C.A.R, the least problematic method of payment is for the listing agent to simply pay the SSN out of the listing agent’s side of the commission. For example, if the commission for a transaction is 6% and the SSN fee 1%, the listing broker could offer 2.5% to the cooperating broker on the MLS, and then out of the 3.5% listing side of the commission he or she would earn, pay 1% to the SSN and keep 2.5%.

a. Both C.A.R. and the DRE have also released guidelines specifically for asking the buyer to pay for the negotiator fee. They state that it is legal but the Negotiator must be properly licensed and “there is an understanding by and full written disclosure to all parties in the transaction, including the short sale and originating lenders.” Further, to ensure complete transparency, “the compensation should be disclosed to all parties in writing, both in the purchase agreements and in the escrow instructions, and the fee must be property documented in the appropriate line item(s) in the HUD-1 closing statement.”

3. Disclosure of SSN fee – the negotiator fee that is being paid by the buyer, seller, listing agent or buyer’s agent should be disclosed, both to the buyer’s lender as well as to the seller’s short sale lender. According to CAR “Any attempts to hide this fee could constitute loan fraud (18 U.S.C. ยง 1014). Depending on the specifics of the act, loan fraud is a crime that can lead to significant jail time, fines, and the loss of one’s DRE license.”

4. Evaluate the abilities of your Negotiator: make sure the SSN is worthy of hiring on your team. You should be aware of their process and how experienced they are. Here’s just a few questions on what to ask:

a. What specific services will you provide?
b. What percent of short sales do you get approved?
c. Have you worked with my client’s specific lender?
d. Are you able to give us an estimated turnaround time for this lender?
e. Do you see any particular issues in my client’s situation?

The Short Sale Experts, Inc. team takes each and every one of these criterias very seriously and will always be legal and proper in the way we conduct business. We can make your life easier and help expedite the process. We’ve established contacts at the banks and know how to prepare and present the packages. Ultimately, we’ll negotiate and get the deal done in the quickest manner possible.

So Just What Are This Year’s Top Selling Christmas Presents?

So just what are this year’s top selling Christmas Presents for children? When I was working out what to give our teenage children, I decided to look at Amazon’s best sellers, and the results were very interesting.

Some were new kids on the block, while others had been around for a while longer.

Nintendo DS Lite First off – the Nintendo DS Lite – remarkably, this portable games machine topped the best seller lists last year as well as this. The Nintendo DS Lite offers all of the unique features of the Nintendo DS but also includes a variety of distinctive changes which truly sets it apart from other handheld consoles. Nintendo DS Lite retains the advanced touch screen technology, allowing players to control software with a stylus or even their finger, as well as dual screens, voice recognition and Wi-Fi capabilities of the Nintendo DS but is now both smaller and lighter. Where Nintendo have done really well is in their attention to colour. Cobalt Blue and Black is the hotselling colour for Christmas 2008 and they are selling out quickly. It’s neck and neck with Metallic Rose – perhaps one for the discerning lady.

Wii Fit for Nintendo Wii While talking about Nintendo, the Wii Fit for Nintendo Wii is the most exciting must-have toy for all the family. The WiiFit and the pressure-sensitive Wii Balance Board, which comes bundled with it, will make any Christmas a great success if only you can get one. They are in VERY short supply at the moment.

Bakugan Battle Bakugan Battle and especially the Bakugan Battle Starter Pack is a great Christmas gift idea for younger children. It’s based on the popular TV series. For best gameplay you might consider the Bakugan Battle Arena as well. There’s a lot to be said for letting their creative minds have free play with a game such as this.

Wild Planet Hyper Dash For the very youngest children, the Wild Planet Hyper Dash is an amazing, award-winning fast-paced race course game from Wild Planet that encourages kids to be active and think on their feet. Designed to improve listening, coordination and math skills, this exciting game is easy to set up and is an ideal way to help kids aged six and above to practice addition and subtraction while exercising and having fun.

Star Wars Clone Wars Popular with all generations, the latest from the Star Wars franchise is the Star Wars Clone Wars. You won’t be surprised to hear that there are some top-selling toys to let your child become one of their favourite characters:

- Star Wars Clone Wars Ultimate Light Saber Assortment : Whether he’s an aspiring Jedi or an apprentice to the dark side, your child will love the possibilities of this Star Wars Clone Wars Ultimate Light Saber Assortment. Movie fans six and up will delight in customizing the hilt, blade color, and end cap to approximate Yoda, Mace Windu, or Maris Brood, while lights and sounds add an authentic element to any battle. The Ultimate Light Saber is an absolute must have for Star Wars Clone Wars fans who need to defeat the intergalactic enemy. One of the best things about the Ultimate Light Saber is the way it emits different sounds along with a different color light inside the clear plastic blade depending on what Ilum crystal or crystals are inserted in the handle.

- Star Wars The Clone Wars: Lightsaber Duels : Now everyone with a Nintendo Wii can experience the fun and excitement of a Lightsaber fight. Star Wars The Clone Wars: Lightsaber Duels immerses you in the characters, locations, and epic duels from the all-new Star Wars animated feature film and television series set between Episode II and Episode III. Built from the ground-up for Wii, Lightsaber Duels features an intuitive motion-controlled combat system that puts the Lightsaber weapon in your hand.

Go the Distance With Your Presentation

Businesses are often judged on their appearance and how they present themselves to customers. It may not be fair as that has nothing to do with the products or services, but that is how it works. This is when you need to go the distance with your presentation. A great deal is riding on an outstanding exhibition booth design in place.

Don’t let this fall to the wayside and hold your business back. Go into the trade show with something you are confident about. It will show your customers you are a business they can trust. It will show them you offer quality products or services. What you have in place can help them to decide to buy from you and not one of your competitors.

Avoid Common Pitfalls

You need to avoid common problems that too many fall into with this type of set up and design. You need something amazing to get attention, but it also has to be practical. You need an exhibition booth design that is simple to put up and take down. It shouldn’t be hours of time involved to get it set up and then taken down. You have to think about transport too.

Keep in mind what the space will be that you are allocated at most trade shows, If your materials are too large, you aren’t going to be able to set them up. You may have to buy two spaces, but then you will have too much extra room. It is going to look out of place and out of proportion. While consumers won’t be able to really put their finger on what is out of place, they notice.

You also need to avoid working with the wrong entity. You need the best professionals available to complete your exhibition booth design. You need to trust them, to communicate with them, and to love previous work they have done for others. The more you can learn about such businesses, the easier it is for you to make a choice.

Trust the Provider

When you get a great provider in place, you can trust them to make the outcome spectacular. You should be involved with that process though from start to finish. They should be able to give you a timeline for it to be completed. They can also give you several choices and then you can decide what you would like them to make for you.

Don’t be stressed about the exhibition booth design you will use. Think about your niche market, conduct research on what consumers are looking for, and offer something that makes a connection for them. Use plenty of colours and something that is appealing to the eyes. It should draw them in from the moment they see it!


You may be worried about the cost of getting your exhibition booth design created. You can get quotes before you hire anyone to do it for you. This can help you to budget well for the process. It is a great investment when it is done correctly. It is an opportunity to get your business plenty of positive exposure. You need to get that business name out there and wonderful reputation.

You should be able to get all you invested in exhibition booth design back as well make plenty of money from such exposure. If you do have a wonderful product or service you deliver, many of those initial buyers will become repeat customers. They will also tell others about what you can offer to them. Go the distance with this – do it right so you get results!