Spectacular Content Marketing Tips – Key Factors For Content Presentation

Content is king. People are not going to buy information that is of little or no value. Solid content is of utmost importance. However… if content is presented in such a way that it only reaches a fraction of the market it’s intended to reach, then that content falls short in its effectiveness to grow your business and spread your message.

Presentation does not compensate for lackluster content, but it can make a difference in how content is received by your market.

What makes a presentation spectacular? There are nine key features of a presentation that will make them much more spectacular for your viewer.

The nine key presentation features are:

1. Title/Timeline of Presentation – This tells your viewer what presentation they are watching and how long it will take them to view it. That’s about as basic as it gets.

2. Branding – It’s important that you have a picture of yourself included in the presentation that your market will recognize you by. Recognition is important.

3. Table of Contents – Having a table of contents that will allow your viewer to navigate easily through the presentation is very convenient. This gives the viewer more control and the ability to find the topic they want to review.

4. Remembers Where You Left Off – Viewers love it when your presentation keeps track of where they left off. They don’t always remember, so if the presentation does that for them it’s just that much more convenient.

5. Large Content Window – Make sure that your content is easily viewable. A large number of presentation formats only allow for a small viewing window making the content quite small and difficult to see. A large viewing window and actually being able to see the content is a huge bonus for the viewer… highly recommended.

6. Current Slide Info – This allows the viewer to see where they are in the current content slide or page. There’s no second guessing as to when it ends or if there is still more content to come.

7. Full Playback Control – Give the user the ability to back up a slide, to move forward a slide, fast forward, rewind, pause, or resume. The more control the user has, the better they like it.

8. Resource Links Area – A very easy to use area that has links to other resources that relate to your presentation. This could include a PDF version of your presentation, web links, or other information that is related to your content. This makes it easily accessible to your reader.

9. Searchable – This gives your user the ability to not only search for topics in the table of contents, but to also search the content itself for the information and terminology they are looking for.

In a nutshell, the more convenient and easy to use your presentation is, the more spectacular it will be. Users love to be able to always know where they are at in the presentation, how far they have to go, and easily find items of interest.