The New Ultimate Listing Presentation (Part 10)

Becoming the market authority is job one.

Before we get into the listing presentation, it’s important for you to do an honest assessment of your ability as an agent. Can you look into the mirror and feel, deep down, that you are the very best person to represent your seller client?

If you can’t do that (regardless of the listing approach you use), it would be unethical to offer your services to this client in the first place. In fact, you’d have a fiduciary obligation to recommend your fellow agent, the one who is the best, as the right agent to help your client.

So how do you go about becoming that best agent to represent your client? You need to do your homework! You need to study your market. You need to know the market statistics. You need to have clear-cut marketing strategies. You need to have a specific marketing plan that will yield results superior to those of the competition. Otherwise, you have nothing to offer the client!

Doesn’t that make sense? Why should your client list his most valuable asset with you if you don’t know what you’re doing? Would you list with yourself? And if your answer to my last question is not a resounding “Yes!” – then you need to become that ideal agent before you read another word.

Prior to listing my first house, I knew our market statistics cold. I pulled the raw data from our local MLS and crunched the numbers. Was it fun? Of course not! Nevertheless, I needed to know what I was talking about. I needed to be the best prepared agent my client would ever talk to. I needed to be the best agent for the job, or I couldn’t look my seller in the eye.

Trust me about this: your client will recognize whether or not you know what you’re talking about. If you’re bluffing, he’ll sense it. You can’t “fake the funk,” as they say. I wish I could tell you how many times a listing client has quoted an agent on something that I’ve known to be incorrect.

Because I was completely familiar with my market, though, I would be able to explain that the other agent, while very likely a nice person, had his facts wrong. Then I would present the statistics to the seller, and it was quite obvious to both of us who knew what they were doing and who didn’t. It doesn’t take that much work to become an expert, so do it. You owe it to yourself and to your clients.

OK. Here’s the basic market data you need to know before you go to your first listing appointment:

Days on Market (DOM). Average days on market is critical to your seller client for several reasons: it’s important in setting realistic expectations about the time needed to sell a home; it will help you evaluate any offers that come in and make an educated decision about whether it’s advisable for the client to wait for another offer or take what’s on the table; and, if you know the DOM for your market (or, better, yet, for the client’s neighborhood), you’ll be able to guide him or her through the process like a professional – which is exactly what you are!

There’s a problem with DOM statistics, however. Most MLS databases have a very manipulated DOM number which is invariably skewed low. So how can you know what the real number is? Is it possible to determine the actual DOM for your market even if you’re not a rocket scientist? Absolutely! Just use the absorption rate to calculate the true DOM for your area. Let me explain.

Before writing The New Ultimate Listing Presentation, I thought I would pull the latest DOM figures from my local MLS and compare that statistic with the actual calculated DOM. The latest number as reported in my MLS is 77 days. However, when I calculated DOM using the absorption method, the actual average DOM is 240! And believe me, your MLS is off as well – maybe not by as much as mine, but it is typically off by more than 50%.

So why the huge disparity? Because the MLS calculates the average DOM as the average days on market for the listings that actually sold. What it leaves out of its calculation altogether are homes that were withdrawn, listings that expired, listings that were withdrawn for a day and then re-listed to restart the clock, or those that were never put in the MLS until they sold (like new construction where they might list only one home in a subdivision, but actually have 20 for sale). And all of those affect the reported DOM.

Here’s how you get the real DOM. Find out how many homes sold in your market last year and how many are currently on the market. For example, if 10,000 homes sold last year, and there are currently 5000 on the market, what those numbers indicate is that the inventory turned twice last year (10,000 divided by 5000 = 2.0). Now, there are twelve months in a year, and 12 divided by 2.0 = 6.0, which is the absorption rate, meaning that the average time actually on market is 6.0 months.

Then, to convert the absorption rate to days on market, you simply multiply this last number by 30 (6.0 x 30 = 180). And if you figure DOM this way, you’ll eliminate all manipulation in your market by builders and agents who re-list stigmatized homes due to their excessive time on market.

I wanted you to know how to do the math, but I have great news. Now, as part of The New Ultimate Listing Presentation, I have made your job much easier. Because I got so many calls and emails from agents wanting help on the math, I built a calculator for you to use. So try it out. Never settle for those inaccurate numbers from your local MLS again.

Debt Negotiation Programs – Tips to Negotiate Credit Card Debt Like a Pro

In the US the negotiation of credit has been a necessary thing these days. Several individuals are highly dipped into credit card debt as they have used their plastic money randomly in a continuous way to meet their necessities. These have resulted in huge credit card debt burden and now they are keenly in search of the debt negotiation programs to eliminate the dues. As the individuals are overloaded with credit card debt, the debt negotiation programs are their vital need to get out of credit totally. The debt settlement, one of the admired debt negotiation programs plays most important role in the eradication of credit for providing the eternal triumph over the credit troubles.

Not being the professional and expert, going for negotiating yourself like the professional may be slight risky. And it will be better to think twice prior doing the approach yourself. As negotiations are normally done with loan providers, therefore it must be done cautiously and thoughtfully so that you can win the trust of the creditors and is facilitated with the maximum eradication of the sum. Thus maintaining your patience is the basic and obligatory requirement in this type of circumstance.

Again if an individual is highly credit ridden, it is obvious for him to be impatient due to the strain, psychological depression. Being in terrible credit is enough cause for a borrower to lose the emotional and mental balance. The level of confidence is lowered as well. In these circumstances it is not a wise idea or decision to go for the negotiation oneself. If you have that confidence still in you after so much strain, you can negotiate but it will always be better to leave the matter in the hands of experts.

To make the negotiations of credit just like the professionals, you must have that good know-how about the field. Being unaware of the process you can only be a failure in your attempt and your strain can be enhanced and burden can be increased. Possessing proper patience and good intelligence is highly required in this type of circumstance. You must avail the professional expert in this job to avoid the hazards that may arise in the process.

If you are willing to do the negotiations yourself, take the assistance of the settlement firm as they can provide you with a good backing that can have an effective result in the process.

Birthday Presents for Mums: Top Picks

It was my mum’s birthday not long ago. She’s the type of mum who loves gifts that mean something; she definitely isn’t the materialistic type. So, instead of giving her the requisite flowers and perfume, I opted for something different. Something personalised, in fact.

Customising presents for people is becoming something of a phenomenon. In fact, there are hundreds of businesses selling personalised birthday gifts for mums, dads, grandmothers, and just about every person on your list.

Seeking birthday presents for mums is a tad tricky, wouldn’t you agree? My own mum has just about everything under the sun, from kitchen accessories to jewellery, and if she gets another plant or cook book, she’ll actually scream. So what on earth do you buy these hard-to-buy-for beings that we call mums?

In my opinion, the best birthday present ideas for mums are those that come straight from the heart, namely gifts that can be personalised. Basically, chaps and chappesses, you can add your dear ole’ mum’s name together with a thoughtful message to everything from luxury bottles of champagne to personalised calendars and mugs.

Based on my own experience of choosing a birthday present for mum, I can safely say things like bath stuff and Jamie Oliver cook books lack originality and thought. My advice? Just don’t go there. Go for something unique, something a bit off the beaten track, something special… you get the picture. So, this year, I settled on a silver pendant engraved with my mum’s initials. She was chuffed to bits! And yup, she wears it all the time.

Engraved jewellery makes perhaps one of the most inimitable, thoughtful birthday presents mums, young or old, could ask for.

Here are just a few of the très magnifique personalised birthday present ideas for mums…

  • Personalised pamper hampers – a wicker basket containing everything needed to relax, refresh and rejuvenate, including sparkling rosé wine and an assortment of deluxe bath accessories
  • ‘Best Mum’ personalised newspaper – an article written by a professional writer all about how your mum scooped the ‘Top Mum Award’
  • Engraved silver frames – a beautiful photo frame engraved with her name, a date or special message
  • Spoof ‘Food’ magazine – no one can cook like Mum, so tell her with a personalised spoof
  • Personalised notebooks – perfect for the ‘fashionista’ mum. Personalise the cover with her name and the inside cover with a special message.
  • ‘Best Mum’ personalised calendar – see Mum’s name cleverly embedded in 12 gorgeous photos for every month – a gift guaranteed to make her smile all year round
  • Original newspapers – let Mum take a trip down memory lane by giving her a genuine paper from a special date of your choice
  • Personalised sparkling roséwine – what Mum wouldn’t appreciate a bottle of sparkling rosé wine? Especially one featuring her name on the bottle label!
  • Personalised chocolate bars – a truly sweet treat for your doting mum
  • Engraved wine and spirit gift sets -let Mum enjoy her favourite tipple in a personalised engraved glass. Ooh la la!

Impressed? Feeling a bit more inspired? Those, ladies and gents, are just a handful of the amazing mum birthday present ideas you can get your mitts on. So what are you waiting for? Get yourself online and trawl the net now for a great gift she’ll never forget.