Amazing Last-Minute Christmas Presents

The holiday season is destined to be at the end of the year for a good reason; you’ve your entire year to plan for the grand festivities and keep the traditions going. When it comes to Christmas, all our plans and savings revolve around this most anticipated holiday season. You work your heart out and this is the time to sit back and have the time of your life.

The exchange of special presents is one important element of this holiday season. The aim is to stay unique and to give meaningful gifts that would be used and remembered until the next Christmas. So the thoughts and ideas keep pouring in all year round, each more special than the other.

But some of us like causing trouble for ourselves and keep waiting a bit too long to get the action done. We’re aware that we might lose the deal, or might be sold already. Until we don’t get the push, we refuse to make a move. Yes, most of us have certainly been there and done that!

Christmas brings endless joys and there’s a lot to be optimistic for. Even when it’s last minute, there’s a lot you can do. Here are some great ideas of last minute gifts that would certainly please your loved ones! We’ll keep it economical for you and you’ll find most of them under $40!

1. Artistic Napkins for Cocktails

Festivities and drinking go along; both complimenting each other. This is why giving a cocktail napkin can be a great gift; especially when it comes in handy just at the right time. Show your good taste in gifts and choose a napkin that is artistic and stylish. To make it extra special, you can pair it with a fancy bottle of wine. The receiver would definitely find it useful while serving the drinks during the festivities!

2. A Coffee Set

This is a gift for all seasons and times, and you’d be surprised to find out that many households do not possess it. So after ensuring your receiver doesn’t already have it, surprise them by giving this useful set that would come to use nearly every other day. You’ll find plenty of fancy coffee sets in the super market. If they don’t look special enough, go an extra mile and purchase individual items and style it together.

Ideally, your coffee set should have a coffee mug, coffee beans and accessories. If this person is a coffee lover, they’re likely to feel good about you every morning when starting their day.

3. Warm Accessories

Since Christmas is a cold season around the world, gifting winter accessories would be great. They are likely to be used every day. Although these might be common items, you can go for special designs and materials that your receiver would not otherwise buy. Fluffy and warm socks, oversized scarfs, woolen pajamas and a glove and hat set can turn out to be great winter gifts arriving just at the right time!

4. A Pricey Pair of Head phones

Head phones? Don’t we all have them? Well, we surely do. But in most cases either they’re broken, lost or of a cheaper quality. Since they’re used every day, people rarely invest in expensive head phones. That’s where you make things special for them. Invest in a pair of head phones of a great quality, something they can use for years without facing any misery!

Prevent Presentation Bloopers

Once upon a time… A synthesis of real-life presentation bloopers.

There was a presenter who knew her subject cold − a true expert. Naturally, she was chosen to deliver a sales presentation to an important potential customer group of 50. The afternoon before the event, she loaded the standard charts and graphs on pricing onto her laptop for a PowerPoint presentation. Thinking the slides looked a bit dull, she colored the backgrounds red, yellow and green. For additional interest she made the slides replace each other by alternately fading, zooming left, right, up, down. She added twirling leaves in the borders, colored to contrast with the background. She was ready. This was going to be a piece of cake.

The audience is seated. She says “Good morning,” turns on the projector and sees a sea of faces bathed in psychedelic light, eyes squinting. She squints, too. She cannot quite make out the numbers on the lap top screen. Not wanting to turn her back completely to the audience in order to read from the large screen, she steps behind it and peeks her head out, neck craned. She starts reading and explaining the numbers. As the audience’s eyes begin to accustom to the light show, they try to keep up with the numbers the presenter is launching through. They scramble through their briefcases for paper to take notes.

They miss an entire screen. The presenter notices that no one is paying attention to what she is saying because they are all madly writing notes. She steps in front of the screen, still talking, everyone still intently copying numbers on their scraps of paper. How to capture their attention? She begins to wave her arms around to punctuate her points, she speaks faster and yells her words. This does distract them. As 50 pairs of eyes turn to hers, she gets nervous. She cannot think of the right word. She loses her entire train of thought. She decides to just keep talking until she finds it again.

Mercifully, somehow, she gets to the end of her presentation and asks for audience questions. “That was all pricing information. Your competitors charge less. What are the benefits if we invest?” “What are examples of how your product works for your other customers?” “How will you tailor your service to our unique needs?” “Why are you are better than your competitors?” “What would we lose if we go to your closest competitor?” With five minutes to answer these questions, unprepared, she wonders what she could have done differently.


PREPARE your Purpose
PREPARE your Persuasion Points
PREPARE your Presence
PREPARE by Practice

Preparation = Relaxed Presentation
Nervousness and lack of preparation are directly proportionate to each other!

My next ezine will detail my PREPARE Presentation System

Types of Men’s Beachwear Summer Holiday Swim Trunks

Class is for macho men while swag is for those small fellows. Yes, summer business casual men that you wear must make you unique. Break the rules and myth.

Myth: Unlike women, men don’t have too many options when it comes to making a fashion statement, especially in casual wear while strolling on the beaches.

If this is what you have assumed so far, then you need to look into the details below. Yes, amazing designs, shapes, trends, and also varieties of men’s hair, specially designed for chilling out on the beach, can be scintillating for men who are looking for variety. summer business casual men
are affordable too.
Moving on from business class, to the party outfits and beachwear, the garments decide the comfort and style for men.

Spandex or polyester Men’s Beachwear Summer Holiday Swim Trunks

Based on the fabric material that is used for the men’s swimsuit, we can differentiate the men’s options into three different kinds of basics. Spandex and polyester are the primary options in swimwear for men. Cotton and nylon options are also popular, especially in the Caribbean islands and also in Indonesia and Bali. These are some wonderful holiday destinations where you can find a variety of different types of swimwear for men. The purpose of wearing swimwear is to feel comfortable while you are relaxing and chilling out on the beach.

Most of the time, we choose to do so in tropical climatic conditions and also when the sea is not too rough. So the suitable material at that point of time will be cotton if it is summer. You can choose anything between nylon and spandex if it is winter.

Polyester Men’s Beachwear Summer Holiday Swim Trunks

Polyester can be suitable for all seasons, but it depends upon the humidity available in that particular area. Apart from the fabric that you choose for the swimwear for men, there are even more considerations. The durability factor, color options, size fit, trend, and functionality of the swimwear are going to be the most important considerations.

Preference will be for stretchable fabrics and durable fabrics like those used for men’s swimwear. A mesh lining is provided inside for the fabric to dry as soon as possible. Understandably, you are going to use these shorts that are loose at the bottom to swim, and hence the water should drive away faster for you to not feel uncomfortable with a little bit of sand grouping on the mesh interstices. As a result, you must select the best fabric, mesh, and design for Men’s Beachwear Summer Holiday Swim Trunks.

Elastic band in the Men’s Beachwear Summer Holiday Swim Trunks

It helps you adjust the size even after a big meal. So you can dive into the sea again in a while after lunch without feeling any discomfort or tightness around the belly. The waistband has elastic at just the right point and expands by an inch. Just like the compression shorts and the cycling shorts, there is one more variety called the jammers. Sports men are more fond of using this type of jammer for its best functionality.