Recommended Reading to Boost Your Presentation IQ

Recently, a client expressed anxiety about presenting. She said she always over-prepared, obsessing for weeks in advance, losing sleep and repeatedly rehashing what she wanted to say and do.

I asked her, “When do you know your presentation is good enough?”

She responded, “Good enough to do what?”

Her question led me to read TJ Walker’s two excellent books, How to Give a Pretty Good Presentation and TJ Walker’s Secret to Foolproof Presentations.

Walker writes in a quick, easy-to-read, conversational manner with no pretense — his knowledge and experience can help catapult any presentation from boring to bravo. I shared these books with my client and recommend them to you.

How to Give a Pretty Good Presentation

In today’s extreme business environment, you have to balance time and performance. So the challenge becomes, how can you be “good enough” to impact business results?

According to Walker, as long as you find a way to have an impact, you don’t need to be a rock star. Walker’s step-by-step advice can help almost anyone write, rehearse and deliver presentations that he calls “pretty good” – which means good enough to make a difference.

After reading this book, my client pointed to one helpful tip in particular. Walker says it’s important to select a single idea to convey to your audience and to focus your presentation on that message. That helped my client after she was promoted to vice president and, with 30 minutes’ notice, had to address a group in her new role.

She followed Walker’s advice, spoke with confidence and earned a high level of credibility with her peers.

TJ Walker’s Secret to Foolproof Presentations

Using a snappy Q&A format, Walker answers just about every question you’ve ever had – but were afraid to ask – about giving a presentation. Each answer is given in a clear, direct way; each suggestion is easy to understand and easy to implement.

One of Walker’s best pieces of advice is to keep it real and be yourself. As he points out, polished and professional may mean that you are suddenly just like every other presenter. Walker says, “Doing what everyone else is doing is playing it safe…. You must do something, anything, in order to get people to leave your presentation with a positive impression of you and your ideas.”

Walker also offers excellent advice about using PowerPoint. He suggests that you create two separate PowerPoint decks:

  • a streamlined, highly visual version to project on-screen, and
  • a more detailed version with all of your text, data and charts that can be used as a handout or email follow-up.

Both these titles are worthy additions to your bookshelf. Take a look, and you’ll find they are must-have resources that will help you be confident, heard and inspiring whenever you step up to speak.

Debt Negotiation Programs – Tips to Negotiate Credit Card Debt Like a Pro

In the US the negotiation of credit has been a necessary thing these days. Several individuals are highly dipped into credit card debt as they have used their plastic money randomly in a continuous way to meet their necessities. These have resulted in huge credit card debt burden and now they are keenly in search of the debt negotiation programs to eliminate the dues. As the individuals are overloaded with credit card debt, the debt negotiation programs are their vital need to get out of credit totally. The debt settlement, one of the admired debt negotiation programs plays most important role in the eradication of credit for providing the eternal triumph over the credit troubles.

Not being the professional and expert, going for negotiating yourself like the professional may be slight risky. And it will be better to think twice prior doing the approach yourself. As negotiations are normally done with loan providers, therefore it must be done cautiously and thoughtfully so that you can win the trust of the creditors and is facilitated with the maximum eradication of the sum. Thus maintaining your patience is the basic and obligatory requirement in this type of circumstance.

Again if an individual is highly credit ridden, it is obvious for him to be impatient due to the strain, psychological depression. Being in terrible credit is enough cause for a borrower to lose the emotional and mental balance. The level of confidence is lowered as well. In these circumstances it is not a wise idea or decision to go for the negotiation oneself. If you have that confidence still in you after so much strain, you can negotiate but it will always be better to leave the matter in the hands of experts.

To make the negotiations of credit just like the professionals, you must have that good know-how about the field. Being unaware of the process you can only be a failure in your attempt and your strain can be enhanced and burden can be increased. Possessing proper patience and good intelligence is highly required in this type of circumstance. You must avail the professional expert in this job to avoid the hazards that may arise in the process.

If you are willing to do the negotiations yourself, take the assistance of the settlement firm as they can provide you with a good backing that can have an effective result in the process.

Present Like A Pro

Being a professional and speaking like a professional are two very different things.

Before you can speak like a professional, you need to be certain that you believe that you are a professional. This may sound like an odd statement to some readers, however, many small businesses are successfully started and run by those who are more accustomed to working behind the scenes than in front of the microphone and camera. The fact is, no one is born with an innate ability to speak well before large groups and it is a skill best learned through experience and practice.

If you have confidence issues, stammer or are at a loss for words when someone asks you what you do, don’t ignore the problem! Immediately after reading this post, visit and search for a ToastMasters Club near you. This not for profit was started in the 1920′s with the mission to assist anyone to learn better communication and leadership skills.

Learning to speak publicly is an emotional journey for most. Statistics rate public speaking as the second most common fear – surpassed only by death! Therefore, it helps to feel comfortable with those in the room. That is why ToastMasters encourages guests to sit in on an actual meeting or two – with no pressure to join or fee of any kind.

Each ToastMaster Club is run by volunteers and each Club has a different meeting schedule and for lack of a better term, style. All Toastmasters Clubs, however, have the same goal and that’s to help each of their members become better communicators.

For those of you who are fully capable of standing before a live audience and comfortably presenting your topic for 45 minutes, bravo! Now keep your hands up if you have actually spoken before a live audience within the last year. Bet that one got a few of you! ;)

You would be surprised how many experienced speakers fall back on umms, ahhs and other filler sounds. Even if you can present like a pro, you should still join ToastMasters as each Club is made up a willing audience of at least 20 ears – all there to help you improve your presentation by supplying constructive feedback as part of ToastMasters’ positive learning experience.

There is no cost to visit a ToastMasters Club and if you do join, there is a one time fee of about $20.00 for the manual and semi-annual (every six months) dues of around $30.00 (Club costs vary).

For your $20.00 you will receive a manual developed by ToastMasters International which is used by each of its 10,500+ Clubs worldwide. This manual contains ten (10) speech projects, each with a different objective and time requirement. For instance, the first Speech is known as the “Ice Breaker” and it is 4-6 minutes presentation about yourself. Other objectives include information organization, vocal variety, use of visual aids and so on. Upon completion of the 10th speech, you are awarded your Competent Speaker pin and are then able to move on to more specialized Advanced Courses.

Truly, if you wish a positive learning experience while you develop or hone your presentation skills, look not further than your closest ToastMasters Club!